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The Company

The CLaaS Group provides Professional Development, Leadership Development, Custom Training Development and Delivery, Learning Consulting, Assessments and Coaching and Technology Consulting Services to meet our clients' needs. 

Our client focus is the small to medium size business.  We work with these organizations on a project basis, so when our work is done, you can go back to the other things you need to focus on to ensure your business' ongoing success.


Our skilled professional consultants have decades of experience working and leading training organizations in companies both large and small in a variety of industry segments. Many of these organizations have a global presence.  As a small to medium size business, you will benefit from the decades of experience of our multi-faceted consulting team. They have worked in healthcare, IT, manufacturing, energy, government, distribution, higher education and many other industries.  Their practical approach to learning helps our clients realize the benefits of training immediately. Our tailored and custom solutions will help your teams grow and perform at a high level to accomplish your business goals.


The CLaaS Group provides our services at a very reasonable cost. You will pay far less for the development and delivery of our high-quality solutions than you will with other large, established consulting and training companies.  One of our key differentiators is that the work we perform and develop for you, belongs to YOU!  That's right.....once we tailor or customize one of our courses for your business, you will own the training to use within your organization as you see fit.


The CLaaS Group does not charge usage fees or require any follow-on licensing for the training we develop for our clients.  So, if after we deliver your training, you decide to train additional people or new groups within your organization, you are free to do so at no additional cost. Your training belongs to YOU!  However, if you need further support, we will gladly be there to help.


After’s your business.


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