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Talent Management Services

Consulting Services

Our experienced HR, learning and performance consultants work with our clients to develop strategies for recruitment, assessment, talent development and retention. In addition, we leverage our decades of experience to structure effective learning organizations and implement supply chain process to align learning initiatives to achieve your business goals. The CLaaS Group creates Accountable Learning Organizations.

Organizational Learning Plan Development

Building or buying training solutions for your employees without knowing their knowledge and skill gaps is a recipe for failure. The creation of an Organizational Learning Plan provides you with the data you need to quantify your organization's learning needs down to the individual level. It allows you to create a defensible budget and make build or buy decisions. We can also help you determine delivery modalities and create a strategy for measuring results. Our consultants will work with you to create an Organizational Learning Plan to meet your business needs.

Onboarding Plan Development

The first impression you give your new employees, lasts a long time. Our consultants will create an effective Onboarding Plan to help your new employees understand your business, your organization's culture, your policies and procedures and the role they play in the success of your company. A professional Onboarding Plan will not only welcome your new employee to your company, but take them through the first 3 to 6 months of their tenure. Our Onboarding Plan strategies help ensure a great first impression, speed time to productivity, and improve new employee retention. 

Assessments and Coaching

Bad hires can be expensive! Turnover can cost your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, and impact morale and business results. By conducting a proper assessment, The CLaaS Group can help you hire the people you need, reduce your talent acquisition costs and improve retention. When you add professional coaching to this equation, the positive impact on your business can be significant. Let our professional consultants and coaches design a program that is right for your needs

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