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Ethics, Diversity, Inclusion & Unconscious Bias Training

When a small SaaS based software company came to us inquiring about leadership assessments, leadership training, coaching and compliance training for their employees, The CLaaS Group was there to help.  CLaaS consultants utilized Leadership DISC coupled with a 360 assessment, and created a virtual learning and individual coaching experience for the leadership team.  Similarly, our consultants created a customized Business Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion and Unconscious Bias course for the employees that was the best they had ever seen or experienced (as quoted by the company president).  

Career Pathing & Individual Learning Plans

The CIO of a global packaging giant was challenged to have a meaningful conversation with his employees about career development opportunities and up-skilling. The CLaaS Group created an Organizational Learning Plan for his 240 person global IT organization. The plan includes all new job descriptions, individual development plans, a career development matrix and a budget for training and employee development over a 3 to 5 year period.  Not only do his people know what skills and competencies they must develop to compete for more senior roles and succeed in a very competitive field, the CIO can now have a relevant conversation with his employees about their careers.  He also knows what he must spend to ensure he is supporting his company with a world class team to achieve corporate business goals.  

Management & Leadership Training

A county in CA wanted to create a leadership path for its employees. They anticipated many retirements within the aging workforce holding leadership positions. To be proactive, they selected high potential employees who could benefit from training and potentially fill those vacancies.  The program was custom designed to fill in gaps in areas of Communication, Conflict Management, Team Building, Coaching, and other Management soft skills. Projects were created for groups to exemplify the ROI of learning and application of skill on the job. The county would benefit from the investment in learning, not just now, but in years to come.

Leadership Assessments & Coaching 

A health care organization came to the CLaaS group with concerns that several departments were not meeting corporate goals, therefore effecting patient satisfaction scores and revenue. With the changes in Healthcare the last few years, hospitals must be committed exceptional quality of services. The budget was low and schedules had to be flexible due to shift changes. Our group was able to creative in our approach by designing content to help the leaders of the departments in managing their teams.  The training was short and occurred during shift hours. The content focused on accountability and job roles. The leaders were taught how to provide consistent constructive feedback, while developing attainable goals. Coaching sessions continued for several months in small groups. The leaders brought real world examples to each session and worked across departments on solutions. Their overall patient satisfaction scores increase in the 6 month program. Several employees were promoted during the year and the learning groups and feedback continues today.

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