The Top 10 Soft Skills Employees Should Have by 2020

In a recent article from Chief Learning Officer magazine, the topic of “Bridging the Soft Skills Gap” was discussed.  Further, The World Economic Forum’s research stated that there are 10 soft skills that employees should have by 2020.  They are:

·     Complex problem solving

·     Critical thinking

·     Creativity

·     People management

·     Coordinating with others - teamwork

·     Emotional Intelligence

·     Judgement and decision making

·     Service orientation

·     Negotiation

·     Cognitive flexibility

Often times, the lack of these skills can be a person’s downfall in today’s fast paced and dynamically changing business environments.  It is therefore, critical that organizations develop these skills in their employees to help ensure individual and corporate competitiveness and ongoing success.

The CLaaS Group offers these skill development courses to corporations in a very unique way. First, we work with the organization to better understand their business.  Having a clear understanding of employee’s work environment and business goals is critical to creating learning that impacts business outcomes.  Next, we tailor or customize our course to meet YOUR needs.  This process ensures the learning will reflect your business goals, culture and work environments.  The course is developed to align to your audience’s work environment.  Regardless of whether you prefer technology delivered training or a blended approach to improving skills, The CLaaS Group will develop the learning solution to meet your needs.  Lastly, we provide the course assets to you.  YOU own the finished product.  There are no ongoing licensing fees whatsoever!  

The CLaaS Group develops very high quality and cost-effective training solutions for small to medium size businesses.  

Here’s what one of our clients said about us recently:

“The CLaaS group delivered customized, highly-interactive, multi-modal training programs for T4. They then delivered the training to the entire T4 team. They made the training fun and the T4 team enjoyed the experience, despite the topics being somewhat mundane. Lots of gamification and activities. They noted how diverse the T4 team really is. We learned a bit more about each other and made pledges with how to incorporate the training in our lives.

I highly recommend you consider hiring The CLaaS Group to conduct similar training at your respective organizations. You won’t be disappointed.              

Barton Brown – President – T4.   September 10, 2018

So if you are interested in continuing to develop your people to ensure they have these Top 10 Soft Skills to help ensure their individual and your corporate competitiveness and ongoing success, please contact us at

As Barton says, "You won't be disappointed!"

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