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Learning Solutions

Professional Development

The CLaaS Group offers over 80 courses in eleven topic areas.  Each course has been created by an experienced learning consultant who is an expert in the subject matter area.  More so, we will tailor or customize the course to meet your specific needs. The courses can be delivered using a variety of different modalities designed to suit your learning goals and audience preference.

Leadership Development

Companies who have achieved high levels of success are the ones who invest in their leadership teams. Leadership creates culture, sets goals, leads your human capital and motivates them to achieve business results.  The CLaaS Group offers leadership development programs designed to teach your leaders, whether they be new leaders or experienced, and develop and hone existing and new skills to create high performing teams to achieve your business goals.

Custom Training Development

If you have a very specific training requirement, our experienced consultants will work with you to scope, and develop a unique solution to meet your needs. We work within the client budget to provide the most economical and engaging training solution without compromising quality or business outcome. Custom training is most applicable when your needs are unique.  For example, if you need to create an onboarding solution, product training, process training or training associated with a competitive differentiator, then a custom training solution is the right solution for these needs.

Professional Practices and Coaching

Professional Practices and Coaching works well when there is precious little time for formal learning.  The development of Professional Practices allow people to learn while they work in real life situations, be coached by your team experts and accomplish your business goals all at once. Our professional consultants will work with you to identify your business goals and create Professional Practices that result in employee development while they meet your business goals.

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