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Client Testimonials

Here are what our clients have to say about our services.....

“I appreciate that the product you receive from the CLaaS group is not something that is taken off the shelf.  The team listens to the customer for its true needs and works to develop a custom solution.  I would not hesitate to work with the CLaaS Group again.” 

Lori A. Cruz,

Director, San Joaquin County

Department of Child Support Services

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Diversity & Ethics Training


The CLaaS group delivered customized, highly-interactive, multi-modal training programs for T4. They then delivered the training to the entire T4 team. They made the training fun and the T4 team enjoyed the experience, despite typical Diversity & Ethics training being somewhat mundane. Lots of contests and activities. They noted how diverse the T4 team really is. We learned a bit more about each other and made pledges with how to incorporate the training in our lives.


Major props go to The CLaaS Group instructor. I sent her a dissertation on FERC law as it pertains to pipelines. She read it, learned it, and developed very specific training to give everyone on the team a working knowledge of the most important issues and regulations concerning the data that we maintain. She even built a Jeopardy-like game around it. I highly recommend that the Board consider hiring The CLaaS Group to conduct similar training at your respective organizations. You won’t be disappointed.

Barton Brown


Transport 4

I have had the pleasure of working with The CLaaS Group for over 3 years, where we partnered to develop a number of learning solutions that they delivered to hundreds of our employees across the country.  These solutions had an incredibley positive impact on the overall performance of our organization.


The CLaaS Group differentiates themselves by providing their own project manager, which has greatly assisted us in keeping the sheer number of solutions we have had in play on schedule. Michael Cufaro and his team have consistently provided an outstanding level of customer service.


I would highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance in the learning & development space. The CLaaS Group has deep expertise in the services that they offer; they are innovative and extremely collaborative in their delivery. It has been a pleasure working together!

          Missy McNabb


  Sandpiper Solutions LLC

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